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1. Extent and boundaries of the "Grand Cru de Vétroz"
Chasselas and Amigne planted exclusively in the 1st zone of the slope
Pinot Noir and Gamay planted exclusively in the 1st and 2nd zones of Vétroz

2. Varietals
Chasselas, Amigne, Gamay and Pinot Noir

3. Age of the Vines
Harvest beginning with the 7th year, including the year of planting

4. Planting Density
Minimum 7000 vines per hectare

6. Yield
The authorized maximum is that imposed by the AOC, exclusive of the allowable margin of excess

7. Fertilization and Pest Control
The adapted norms are those established by the Vitival Association, in accordance with the guidelines for integrated production.

11. Oechsle Level at Harvest
Pinot Noir

12. Chaptalization
Prohibited for the white varietals and limited to 1% per alcoholic volume for the reds.

13. Topping-up and blending prohibited

20. The appellation "Grand Cru de Vétroz" is reserved exclusively for wines produced from grapes harvested and bottled by a member of the United Vinegrowing Winemakers of Vétroz.

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