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 Café des Amignes
Our evening wine tasting events will resume this autumn in a new guise.



A generous selection of wines

different crus by the glass
wines à la carte
wines by the half-bottle (37,5 cl)
All wines are available for cash and carry.


Light meals and snacks

For the light appetite, we proposes our selection of delicious homemade panini and the vintner's platter (a selection of local charcuterie).


Café des Amignes
Place St Marc (facing the main road)
rue de l'Eglise 2
1963 Vétroz



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 10.30am -14pm  /  17pm -23pm
Friday, : 10.30am -14pm  /  17pm-24pm                                  Saturday: 11am - 24pm                                                               Sunday: closed

Telephone: +41 (0)27 346 02 90
Wifi connection

A Home for the Amigne de Vétroz 

It's the one thing that was still lacking in Vétroz, the birthplace of this divine nectar: a place where Queen Amigne could hold court. Thanks to the initiative of the Vinegrowing Winemakers of Vétroz, this wish has become reality with the opening of the Café des Amignes.

The ripening of a great idea

The idea of creating a space devoted to the enjoyment of the Amigne in convivial surroundings had been a growing desire among our winegrowers for some years. And then a chance meeting between them and M. Dessimoz, followed by a memorable evening shared over a glass of "you know what," gave the dreams and plans concrete form: the "Café des Amignes" would inhabit the rooms of his former Café Victoria. And so 11 of the 17 winemakers that make up the United Vinegrowing Winemakers of Vétroz joined to form a cooperative to manage the new operation.

More than a wine bar, a vibrant and eclectic meeting place

The café has already gained a reputation as a place where students, workers, businessman and housewives meet and mix in a relaxed atmosphere. By allowing beer, coffee, cakes and fendant to share her counter, the United Vinegrowing Winemakers have created a space where the Amigne is queen but need not rule.

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