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Les Fils Maye - Clos de Balavaud


For every bit of flatland or straightaway, so many curves and hairpin turns! So goes the life of Les Fils Maye, the Brothers Maye, which took root in 1889. The first train rolled into Sion in 1860. Léonid Maye recognized early what a boon the railway connection would mean. He set up business right across from the station in Riddes. The village was located at the gateway to the vineyards of Vétroz, Ardon, Chamoson, Leytron, Saillon, Fully, Charrat, Saxon, Riddes... All roads lead to Riddes.

He believed in himself and in his terroir. What more does it take to make others believe in you? The Maye family line continued with the establishment in 1937 of the company "Les Fils Maye SA" that we know today.

With about 40 employees today, Les Fils Maye remain true to their vocation. As the owners of some 30 hectares of vineyards spread among the finest plots, they are major players in winemaking from the harvests of the entire region.

The success of Les Fils Maye is inseparable from the quality of their wines. Connoisseurs hold their name in high esteem. The road is well marked. The centenary junction reminds us that the past holds prodigious implications for the future.


Every wine-growing region has its princes. In Valais, one of these bears the name "Clos de Balavaud." A Grand Cru that nothing, barring a seismic catastrophe, can dethrone. Because it owes its rank to the magic of the site, its geographic position and the nature of the soil. Careful attention to the vines, technological innovation and enology can produce a great wine, but never a grand cru. With a grand cru comes a personality, an aromatic profile and a subtle savor that each new vintage transforms. Truly a plot of land crisscrossed by the millennia, a promised land.

Clos de Balavaud
Les Fils Maye
P.A. Les Fils Maye S.A
1908 Riddes
Telephone : +41 (0) 27 305 15 00
Fax: : +41 (0) 27 305 15 01
Internet : http://www.maye.ch/
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