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André FONTANNAZ - Cave La Madeleine

The winery La Madeleine, founded in 1999, is located in the village of Vétroz, the terroir of the Amigne, at the heart of the valisian Grands Crus.

As a master vinegrower, I cultivate a total of about 12 hectares of vineyards. My selection of specialty wines and grands crus ripens in the terraced vineyards planted on the steep slopes of Vétroz or in vineyards on the alluvial gravel of the Lizerne (Balavaud). These exceptional natural conditions allow me to produce wines that are highly expressive and distinctive in character.

Building on a foundation that starts with care in the vineyards following the principles of integrated production and continuing with rigorous methods of vinification, I compose a symphony of flavors and colors out of the diversity of my grape varieties and the characteristics of the terroir-as recognized in the results of numerous competitions:

  • Cited as the best producer of Amigne by the celebrated British wine critic Hugh Johnson (world-wide wine guide)
  • 7-time finalist in the Coupe Chasselas (Valisian Champion 2002)
  • Concours Nobilis (numerous Gold and Silver Medals, best Valisian winemaker 2005)
  • A number of coups de cœur and other mentions in the Guide Hachette (2007, Amigne Grand Cru)
  • Mondial du Pinot Noir (Gold and Silver Medals)
  • National Concours of Swiss Wines (2005, 2006, numerous Gold and Silver Medals)
  • Étoile du Millésime 2005 (Valisian Champion 2006, Humagne Rouge AOC)

My wines divide into three different categories:


Vétroz - Dôle Blanche - Amigne de Vétroz - Petite Arvine de Vétroz - Malvoisie flétrie sur souche (wilted on the vine) - Gamay de Vétroz - Dôle " la Madeleine " - Pinot Noir de Vétroz - Humagne Rouge de Vétroz - Cornalin de Vétroz


Vétroz " Grand Cru " - Pinot Noir " Balavaud Grand Cru " - Amigne de Vétroz " Grand Cru "

RESERVE (fermented and aged in barriques)

Syrah du Valais élevé en barriques - Pinot Noir de Vétroz élevé en barriques - MAGDALENA a blend of Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon élevé en barriques - Humagne Rouge " Nid d'Aigle " élevé en barriques - Amigne flétrie sur souche (wilted on the vine) élevé en barriques

The series of labels on my bottles was inspired by stained glass windows created by my sister, Isabelle Fontannas-Kuster, stained-glass artisan.

Through these windows as through a glass of our Grand Cru, a passion in which the sense of beauty is one with the sense of what is good, I offer you a warm welcome in my cellars.

The winery is open on Saturday mornings from 10 to 12 or by appointment.

Cave La Madeleine
Rte cantonale 118
1963 Vétroz
Telephone : +41 (0) 27 346 46 54
Fax: : +41 (0) 27 346 45 54
Mobile : +41(0) 79 357 55 02
E-mail : info @ fontannaz.ch
Internet : http://www.fontannaz.ch/
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