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Hubert GERMANIER - Cave Hubert Germanier

In 1930, Hubert Germanier, son of Joseph-Marie, settled in Vétroz and began to make wine from the family vineyards. The cellar was a modest construction with 4 casks holding 2500 liters each and 3 cement vats.

In 1935 the cellar was enlarged, with its capacity reaching about 200,000 liters. The recipients for the wine were of cement with an inner lining of glass.

In 1962, Hubert Germanier, son of Hubert, made another addition to accommodate 160,000 liters destined for the cellaring of red grapes. Air conditioning was installed and the fermentation carefully temperature controlled.

In 1995 all cement vats were destroyed and replaced by stainless-steel tanks.

In 2002 Hubert Germanier left the operation of the winery to his children. They remodeled the original cellars to accommodate a stock of some fifty barriques.

The room that once housed a bakery and its bread ovens were transformed into a tasting cellar.

Cave Hubert Germanier
Rte Cantonale 98
1963 Vétroz
Telephone : +41 (0) 27 346 12 60
Fax: : +41 (0) 27 346 13 70
Mobile : +41 (0) 79 434 84 79
E-mail : germanier.hubert @ bluewin.ch
Internet : http://www.cave-hubert-germanier.ch/
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